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Aaaand the winners are:

World Map:
Susan O’Connell
Thinh Huynh
Dotan Cohen
USA Map:
Charles Coyle
Donnie Bell Design

Our sponsor will get in touch with you soon. If you didn’t win, don’t worry! Our kind sponsor has provided us with an awesome 25% off coupon: OFF25 – it works on either the USA or World map.  It is valid through the end of October.


We have an exciting new giveaway today. As web developers, you’ve probably encountered situations where you need to visualize geographic information.  Maybe, you’re a non-profit that wants to highlight the differences in child mortality rates across the globe.  Maybe, you’re working for a client who has offices in some states but not others. Or, perhaps, you run a travel directory and want to map available destinations.
Regardless of your situation, integrating a map into your website can be daunting.  What are your options?  You could make an HTML image map.  But, that takes time, is difficult to edit, and is a static solution.  You could use Google maps.  Sometimes that’s the right choice but it could be overkill and it doesn’t always look professional.

You should consider an interactive flash map.  But, who has the time or expertise to build one from scratch?  Fortunately, you can buy an out-of-the-box solution that allows you customize the map’s content and design.  That’s where this week’s giveaway sponsor comes in.  FlashUSAMap.com and FlashWorldmap.com sell clickable interactive maps that are easy to customize by editing a simple XML file.  You don’t need any Flash experience to customize your own map and installation is as easy as uploading some files and copying and pasting some code.

Each map includes informational pop-ups upon mouse hover that you can create using HTML and CSS (see screenshot).  The world map also allows you to include pinpoint locations based on latitude and longitude.  There are lots of features, so to get a feel for the maps you should check out the demos for the flash us map and the flash world map.  These maps typically retail for $59 and $199 respectively.  However, we’ve been given 3 copies of each map to give away to our readers.

The Prizes:
3 Licenses for the FlashUSAmap (each good for use one one site)
3 Licenses for the FlashWorldMap (each good for use on one site)

To ENTER: Post a comment stating which map you’d like and how you plan to use it.  You can request both maps if you’d use them. Please use a real email address; otherwise we won’t be able to contact you.

This giveaway ends on 9/30/2010 at noon EST.

19 thoughts on “FlashUSAMap and FlashWorldMap Review and GIVEAWAY (3 copies of each)”

  1. Very cool, thanks! As soon as I get it set up I’ll post back here with the link. And of course I’ll make sure that my visitors know that the map is from webdesigndev!


  2. Echoing Thinh’s many thanks! Very excited to have this and have already been plugging the tool on my LinkedIn page. Great appreciation to Webdesigndev and FlashWorldMap for this.

  3. The flash world map is great. I’ll be integrating it for a travel informative site, allowing users to connect and learn with other people and cultures.

  4. I would like to use the Flash USA map for a large number of my clients that have businesses in other states. We are currently running a fairly heavy marketing campaign to franchises…(mom and pops who are working their way up to subway and quizno’s status. not the major ones we are used to.) and I think this would be an awesome addition. Hopefully they come with source files so I can customize them but even without the source files this would be a very valuable asset to at least 40% of our current clients success and well over 90% of the clients we are currently targeting. I thank you for the opportunity to be considered.

  5. Would be pretty cool to get the USA map. We could use it for a potential site for a college conference that shows all the universities and where they’re located.

  6. I have a Gibberish-translating website, for recovering text from wrongly-encoded files. Of course, the types of encodings used vary by geographic region and I have been pondering for two years how I will make this easier for my users. I think that webdesigndev might have just found a solution for me! I would love to add the world map to the site and let my visitors know about webdesigndev and FlashWorldmap.com.


  7. I have a huge project coming up and could really use the FlashUSAMap. I am using it to build recognition for a certain department in hospitals across the US.

  8. I develop eLearning for Habitat for Humanity International (an international non-profit which works to eliminate poverty housing around the world) and am developing an online course for our staff and volunteers in which we plan to tell a brief story from the different regions in the world where we work. As a way to introduce each story I had pictured this interactive world map in my head long before I saw this post. The interactive world map would be of tremendous use to us.

  9. I would like to use Flash world map for our cargo company site, which is located at many places around the world. It’s very useful and good looking.

  10. Flash World Map please! The uses would primarily be for developing rich internet and mobile experiences in conjunction with Layer AR. I want to bridge the gap from static html pages to 3D applications and more interactions. My ultimate goal as a new media artist.

  11. I would be able to utilize both maps, so winning either of them would be great. Our usage would be an equipment dealer locator service.


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