Elegant Themes Giveaway – Win 3 Developer Licenses! $267 Value.

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***CONGRATULATIONS to Jesse, Kate and Emily for winning this amazing giveaway!!!***

Today we have an exciting new giveaway from Elegant Themes. Elegant Themes is a professional WordPress Themes team that has created a total of 87 amazing themes and 4 premium WordPress plugins.

One of their newest creations is the Divi 2.0 theme. You can also see it in the gallery here.

Here are some screen shots from Divi 2.0:

divi-builder Pin divi-headers Pin divi-mockups Pin divi-modules Pin divi-tools Pin

The Developer license that is being given away will grant you unlimited access to download any and all themes and plugins from Elegant Themes, including their brand new Divi 2.0. Sounds cool, right? Here are the giveaway terms:

You must leave a comment describing why you deserve to win. Sharing this giveaway page on Twitter / Facebook / LinkedIn grants you an additional entry.

Giveaway will end 2 weeks from today on June 4, 2014.

10 thoughts on “Elegant Themes Giveaway – Win 3 Developer Licenses! $267 Value.”

  1. I have absolutely no design skills what-so-ever. I have to rely on the services of companies like Elegant Themes to be able to provide presentable solutions to prospective clients.
    I am presently unemployed and trying to make a go of freelancing. My biggest obstacle currently is graphic design so this would go a long way to solving that problem.

  2. Having cut my teeth in Joomla, i am trying to convert to wordpress and am finding the themes difficult to understand – having a ALL-in-ONE theme component like Divi.2.0 looks like it could be the answer to finally conquering wordpress and getting to grips with how it all hangs together.

    With the Divi Builder, Pre-made layouts and responsive design I am left wanting for nothing as this is the complete package. WOW really excited 🙂

  3. I’ve looked up these themes and they are absolutely gorgeous!
    i want you use them on my future sites for sure!
    Can’t wait for the results!

  4. Add me…. Because I Love ElegantThemes .. In-Sha-Allah i will use ElegantThemes for my websites….. they are Awesome…. Divi is Awesome Theme….

  5. DIVI 2.0 looks great solution for all about WordPress.

    I don’t know coding but i need customization on WordPress sites. So my solution is winning DIVI theme 🙂

    If i will win, probably i will change all my WordPress sites. And i will use DIVI for future projects…

  6. Count me in the competition – I’m absolutely loving the style and designs of the Elegant Themes guys! I’m just going through the launch of a couple of websites that would definitely lend themselves to their template styles!


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