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Speedwapp is a Service as a Software platform project which aims to simplify the process of responsive website creation and editing. It’s a professional tool for web designers and web developers. It’s based on a rapid prototyping principle which helps developers save an enormous amount of time coding their website projects. Speedwapp has hundreds of HTML5 and Bootstrap components ready to be used and customized quickly with a fully interactive approach.

With Speedwapp, web designers have a tool for higher productivity, helping them focus exclusively on creating beautiful designs, without spending time coding interfaces.

Speedwapp is currently a project in development though many features are already available and testable online at Once fully completed, the platform will be a powerful one, responding to the most important needs of web designers, while being accessible to web entrepreneurs who want to build their projects using customizable templates.

Most important Spedwapp features:

– Availability of all Bootstrap components with the Framework’s grid system for responsive websites.
– Drag and drop prototyping
– External Bootstrap template import and customizing
– Possibility to import wireframe mockups (Balsamiq) and convert them into dynamic web pages.
– A CSS proprieties panel which lets users add any kind of css style interactively.
– Compatibility with the CMS/Framework WordPress and Synfony2

When will Speedwapp be available?

The first version of Speedwapp will be officially launched on October 8th 2015. It’ll be followed by a Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign in order to help the startup go further and develop the advanced features of this ambitious project. You can be updated about the evolution of the project by following it on Facebook and Twitter. You can also become an ambassador of Speedwapp by participating in the pre-campaign which is actually ongoing.

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