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Did you notice that the watercolor design trend is on the rise? We started to see more and more beautiful digital watercolor designs and honestly, we love them!

If you want to use watercolor in your designs as well, then you should take a look at these 30 digital watercolor freebies and download the ones you like most!

These items were created using creative watercolor techniques and can be used for various purposes, such as textures, backgrounds, greeting cards, logos, typography, posters, etc. Take a look at all of them and see which ones you can use in your projects. You can choose from a bunch unique items with beautiful colors. These freebies are available in multiple file formats such as JPG, PNG, PSD, AI etc.

You can use them in logos, badges, banners, headers, website designs and more! They are so versatile and can even be used in digital art projects!

Here they are!

Watercolor dots

Watercolor-dots Pin

Here’s a cool set of watercolor dots! This is a beautiful watercolor texture kit that includes hand-painted splotches, backgrounds, and more. They’re round and they look like they’re freshly painted.

Blue watercolor background

Blue-watercolor-background Pin

This is a blue watercolor background on which you can easily present your projects. Use it with confidence to make them look more compelling.

Woman with floral wreath in watercolor

Woman-with-floral-wreath-in-watercolor Pin

This woman with a floral wreath in watercolor looks great and it could be a great asset to your freebies arsenal.

Watercolor summer labels

Watercolor-summer-labels Pin

These watercolor badges look great and they have a summer party vibe which will make your creative projects look nice and friendly.

Watercolor business card

Watercolor-business-card Pin

This watercolor business card freebie would look great in your pocket and it would definitely impress the people who receive it.

Natural brushes

Natural-brushes Pin

These brushes can’t miss from your collection. They look natural as if they were just painted. These are high-quality freebies with an impeccable quality that will animate your projects.

Hand-painted flowers

Hand-painted-flowers Pin

Here are some painted flowers. They would look great in any sort of project so make sure to download it and give them a try!

Watercolor poster collection

Watercolor-poster-collection Pin

This set contains several watercolors posters. Each poster has its own color and painted background.

Watercolor abstract background

Watercolor-abstract-background Pin

This watercolor abstract background can be used as a background for headers and logos. This is a lovely watercolor texture that you can download and use for free.

Watercolor summer holiday brochures

Watercolor-summer-hollidays-brochures Pin

Your summer holiday events would look great if they were to be presented on these brochures. These are high-resolution items that you can use for various purposes.

Watercolor splashes background

Watercolor-splashes-background Pin

This background is amazing. The color palette looks nice and it is full of vibrant colors.

Watercolor hipster badges

Watercolor-hispter-badges Pin

A designer can never have enough badges so make sure to add these amazing watercolor logos and badges in your collection. If you are using Illustrator to create your projects, this set of watercolor items may come in handy. This freebie contains hand-drawn items with vector details.

Hand-painted-deers Pin

This handpainted deer looks lovely and the color choice is great. It can definitely be integrated into all sorts of projects and it might also inspire your future projects.

Colorful watercolor labels

Colorful-watercolor-labels Pin

If you want more badges for your collections then make sure to check out this amazing abstract label set and download it immediately.

Watercolor stains

Watercolor-stains Pin

These watercolor stains look great and so will your projects if you decide to use them. This is a nice bundle of watercolor stain textures that are available for free. These high-quality freebies come in a PNG file format.

Hand-painted flowers template

Hand-painted-flowers-template Pin

This template has a hand-painted flower background which you can use in your projects. The flowers and leaves look great!

Watercolor leaves and herbs background

Watercolor-leaves-and-herbs-background Pin

And if you liked the previous example then you will definitely like this one just as much!

Abstract background in watercolor style

Abstract-background-in-watercolor-style Pin

This abstract vector background can be used to showcase a logo design, create a beautiful, elegant and feminine banner and it can even be adjusted for print projects, such as flyers, magazines and brochures.

Abstract watercolor stain

Abstract-watercolor-stain Pin

This is a really nice watercolor stain that you can use to add a creative element to your project.

Hand-painted summer card

Hand-painted-summer-card Pin

Summer cards are always cute and colorful and if you’re working on a summer card project and you want to spare some time or find a good source of inspiration this might just be what you were looking for.

Hand-painted summer party poster

Hand-painted-summer-party-poster Pin

And if you’re done with the summer card project and you’re working on a summer party poster you can definitely check this example. Here you have a watercolor flyer template that you can use for various projects such as invitations, greeting cards, party events etc. This is available in both AI and EPS file formats.

Watercolor floral background

Watercolor-floral-background Pin

This background looks really nice and can be used to add a beautiful pattern to your designs. Do not miss the chance to have this example in your collection.

Paris memories card

Paris-memories-card Pin

This is a watercolor Paris card which can definitely inspire you into making awesome postcards. Check out this beautiful freebie with a watercolor background. Download and use it in your digital or printed projects.

Watercolor floral ribbons for wedding

Watercolor-floral-ribbons-for-wedding Pin

Are you working on a wedding invitation and you need a good source of inspiration? If yes, then you have definitely come to the right place. Download these freebies and use them in your projects. These items come in a PNG file format with a transparent background.

Watercolor feathers card

Watercolor-feathers-card Pin

These watercolor feathers look really elegant and they make a great background.

Watercolor butterflies background

Watercolor-butterflies-background Pin

This abstract watercolor background is dynamic and the color palette mixes some really vibrant colors.

Hand drew natural elements

Hand-drawn-natural-elements Pin

This background uses hand-drawn elements with watercolor splashes to create this awesome illustration. You can use it in many projects and even the chosen typography in its preview photo is inspiring.

Watercolor birds

Watercolor-birds Pin

These watercolor birds would definitely make your projects more compelling. They’re colorful and bright and they could put a smile on anyone’s face.

London monuments

London-monuments Pin

These are London’s most iconic monuments and they’re presented as watercolor badges and illustrations.

Watercolor strawberries pattern

Watercolor-strawberries-pattern Pin

This pattern is editable and even if it weren’t, it would still be a great asset to your collection. This example uses watercolor strawberries of different sizes into making this amazing pattern.


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