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It is always good to have a nice variety of script typefaces with a brush font design in your collection. Commonly referred to as brush script fonts, they can elevate the creativity quotient of any design you apply them to. By design, they are generally handcrafted rendering a personal touch.

The elongated swashes or extenders and the strokeplay are hallmarks of brush script fonts. From cursive or script typography, the correct use of these fonts can add elegance and class to your design.

Brushstroke fonts created from a script typeface will most likely never go out of style. They seem to always be in demand during festive seasons, weddings, and invitations and are also great for videos, websites, posters, apparel, and more. Before finalizing, make sure your selection is legible (easy to read).

Now it’s time to start on our list showcasing 18 of the Best Script Typography in various Brush Font Styles created by the professional designers at Envato Elements!

1. Mitoda Reels Brush Script Font

Mitoda Reels Brush Script Font

If you need a fancy brush script font, look no further. Mitoda Reels is a perfect selection for projects that need a touch of rugged style on a fancy script typeface. The combination works well and will add life to your cinematic themes, social media posts, flyers, album covers, posters, and so much more.

The brush stroke design is reminiscent of classic cursive handwriting with letters connecting smoothly. You can’t go wrong with this font, so give it a try and see for yourself!

2. Mantaray – Brush Script

Mantaray - Brush Script

Mantaray is one of our favorites and is great for headlines, large displays, and logos. The letter design is not complicated with unnecessary swashes or other effects. However, the font has a strong handcrafted appeal thanks to the varying curves in all the letters.

Mantaray font supports cases, numbers, and punctuations and offers alternates, ligatures, and swashes. This does make the font very versatile for use. You can combine it with other modern san serif fonts for larger texts and use projects related to fashion, photography, architecture, wedding invites, greeting cards, and packaging.

3. Rekan – A Handwritten Brush Script

Rekan - A Handwritten Brush Script

The Rekan font is more about stylish writing and is suitable for designing logos and creating brands. The free-flowing writing style allows the letters to blend in nicely. Furthermore, the extra width of the letters ensures that your text will stand out no matter where you use it.

At the same time, the acute script style and thick fonts may not be best suitable for long-form content. Therefore we recommend using the Rekan font style for titles, headers, and typographies. The good part about the font is that it supports both cases, including symbols, punctuation, and numerals.

4. Sandershon – A Brush Stroke Style Font

Sandershon - A Brush Stroke Style Font

A premium brush script font, Sandershon is worth adding to your collection for multiple reasons. Firstly it is not a hardcore script font, and the extra letter width ensures good text readability. Secondly, the brush pressure is varied, evident in the letter design, making the font look very creative.

The third reason is that it not only supports both cases but also offers a variety of alternate characters, thereby increasing the creative quotient of the font. Fonts like Sandershon are in trend on social media. You can use them for text overlays for Instagram stories and other digital marketing purposes.

5. Elisabeth – A Script Typeface Brush Design

Elisabeth - A Script Typeface Brush Design

The Elisabeth brush script font is a good mixture of elegance and playfulness. The letter design is based on the standard handwritten font in cursive. The designer has not gone overboard with the extenders or other effects and kept the font style simple. This is what makes the typeface look elegant and classy.

The letters are not bound by a rigid design pattern, and the handcrafted feel helps add a cool quotient to the font. Given its style and appeal, you can use Elisabeth font for designing logos, branding, wedding invitations, greeting cards, photography, packaging, labeling, and almost any design project needing a good handwritten font.

6. Synthesia – A Handwritten Brush Font

Synthesia - A Handwritten Brush Font

If you are looking for a stylish and creative script font, then Synthesia is definitely worth checking out. The font is elegant and, at the same time, has a very calming visual appeal. The designer has also added the stroke effect, which further adds to the creative value of this typeface.

Certain subtleties like an extended bar of the letter T or longer swashes give this font a good recall value, meaning that whenever you use this font, the readers will register and remember the text. You can use the Synthesia font for typographies, logos, branding, packaging, labeling, book covers, magazines, and other print media applications.

7. Amithen Brush Font

Amithen Brush Font

This beautifully handcrafted brush font is available for immediate download and includes a commercial license over at Envato. Really, there is not much we can say about this one since the image above says it all.

Overall, Amithen is a winner in our book and we are proud to showcase this stunning font – download it today and place it in your designs to see the impact it will make.

8. Machity – Brush Script Font

Machity - Brush Script Font

Moving away from the standard elegant script fonts, we have the Machity brush script font next to the list. This typeface has a natural handmade texture feel to it. The baseline is kept irregular on purpose to give the font a more playful effect. It supports both cases, numbers, punctuation, and even multiple languages.

As a designer, you can find a lot of use cases for Machity font. You can use it to create typographies, modern tattoos, book covers, film titles, logos, branding, and even on social media for text overlays.

9. Rising Brush Script Signature Logotype

Rising Brush Script Signature Logotype

The Rising Brush Script combines a little bit of chaos along with creative signature style font. The brush stroke is slightly varied in terms of pressure, resulting in variable width of the letters. At the same time, long extenders are being provided for certain letters.

The font style already has a slightly rough feel, and on top of that grunge effect is added to it, making it look more raw and natural. You can use the Rising Brush Script font for creating logos and designing music album covers, T-shirts, posters, film titles, and more.

10. Besttiny – Brush (Script Type) Font

Besttiny - Brush (Script Type) Font

Searching for a font that visually represents a well-handwritten text? Then try out Besttiny brush script font.

The free-flowing writing that forms the foundation of the typeface allows it to be natural, creative, and unique. The variation in letter strokes results in good diversity and breaks the monotony of typical script fonts. The font supports both cases and can be used for headers and paragraph text.

However, we recommend that you use it for large-scale applications more to let the beauty of its strokes come out. You can use Besttiny font for posters, signatures, branding, packaging, handwritten quotes, greeting cards, and invitations.

11. Eberthany – Modern Signature Brush Font

Eberthany - Modern Signature Brush Font

The name of this font speaks of elegance. Eberthany brush font is a modern signature font inspired by old-school script fonts. At the same time, with its fine finish, it renders a modern and classy touch to the letters.

As you can see in the image, the letters are distinct, denoting a natural handwritten feel. The variable width of the letters well complements the rough edges in some of the letters.

You can use the Eberthany font for product packaging, blogging, wedding invitations, signages, labels, signatures, book or magazine covers, and social media posts.

12. Lumpia – Script Typeface With Brush Font Style

Lumpia - Script Typeface With Brush Font Style

Lumpia is a highly versatile brush script font that ticks many boxes and is worth adding to your font collection. The fundamental design of the typeface is that of a handwritten script font. Still, the simplicity of the letters makes it usable in any application.

Filled with subtle natural nuances, the font combines consistency and style. Lumpia supports both cases, numerals, and punctuations and also comes with additional ligatures, swashes, and alternate glyphs, giving you more creative bandwidth.

Some of the most common applications of this font are logos, packaging and labeling, branding, apparel design, signage, and digital marketing.

13. Wonders – Modern Brush Script Font

Wonders - Modern Brush Script Font

One of the major reasons for using a brush script font is to add a sense of charm and creativity to the project that you are working on. The Wonders typeface is a brush script that does this job well. It is a truly enchanting font that can make your text stand out. The natural handwritten style is evident, backed by additional swashes, making the font look more creative.

This font is perfect for designing logos, typography, wedding invitations, product packaging, labeling, and even signage. Fonts like Wonders are also highly used in social media posts.

14. Austhina – Brush Font Script Typeface

Austhina - Brush Font Script Typeface

The Aushitna font is a very good mixture of brush stroke design imposed upon script fonts. The base letter design is done through a script, giving it a hand-lettering feel. However, the brush used has a rugged feel living in certain empty spaces.

This slightly unfinished look makes the font look more creative. At the same time, as the brush stroke are large, the font provides a dominating visual presence to the text.

Aushitna offers two styles of fonts, which is very beneficial as you can pair them together for your design. You can use this font for developing logos and branding material along with that, it can be used for signages, website headers, and magazine or book covers.

15. Flamingo – A Brush Style Script Font

Flamingo - A Brush Style Script Font

Not all brush scripts need to be very cursive with fancy strokeplay. Even simple ones can do the job of making your design look really good. Flamingo is one such font that is elegant, easy to use, and still effective at making the design stand out. Designers often look for such fonts, so you should add this to your collection.

The image shows that the fonts are simple and straight, with few letter extenders. As the name suggests, this typeface is inspired by the natural shape of the bird flamingo. You can use this font for labels, invitations, blog posts, typography, photographic overlays, posters, and wall art.

16. Bashira – Brush Script

Bashira - Brush Script

One look at this font, and you will instantly fall in love with it. The Bashira brush script font is delicate, simple, and beautiful. These are the kind of fonts that you want to have when working on projects related to wedding invitations and stationery, greeting cards, or designing branding material for luxury lifestyle items.

This font can work wonders for your design when coupled with pastel colors and neat backgrounds. The good news is that Bashira offers three styles – regular, slanted, and script. You can play around with these styles and combine them in your design.

17. Watermelon Sorbet – Handpainted Typeface

Watermelon Sorbet - Handpainted Typeface

Going by the name, you can guess that this font is related to watermelon or with a fruit theme. You are not completely wrong. The Watermelon Sorbet typeface is a hand-painted font with a unique letter design. The ripped texture the designer uses provides the watercolor paint effect that seems embossed on paper.

We have included this font in our list as it is a must-have summer font. Also, it serves the dual purpose of a food font and a kids font. You can use this while designing invitations or content for kids’ parties. At the same time, the Watermelon Sorbet script would be perfect for designing quirky restaurant menus.

18. Alexa Modern Brush Script

Alexa Modern Brush Script

The last entry on our list is the Alexa Modern brush script. Using Latin fonts as the foundational design element, this typeface has a modernized script font to create a clean, minimal, handmade letter design. The compressed design ensures that the letter does not occupy extra space. The finishing is to the point, with some letters having pointed edges.

The Alexa font has a feeling of urgency, passion, and energy; hence, you can use it for brands or projects that represent that. This font can be easily used for quotes, website headers, logos, doodles, packaging, and social media posts.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most popular script font?

Script fonts provide a creative edge to the project with handcrafted lettering, creative swashes, and extenders. We have collated some of the most popular script fonts in the list given above, and you can select the ones that best suit your project:

  1. Mito Reels
  2. Mantaray
  3. Amithen
  4. Sandershon
  5. Synthesia

What font looks like a paintbrush stroke?

There are a lot of fonts that resemble paintbrush strokes and many of the fonts in our selection are considered brush fonts from a script typeface. The lettering in such fonts visually represents cursive (or script) handwriting with a paintbrush.

The brush stroke, pressure, and, most important, type of brush are varied. This results in different fonts with varying widths and edges. Generally, paintbrush fonts have larger letter widths, are bold, and are very effective for large-scale applications.

What font is used in Cadbury?

The Cadbury brand uses its own proprietary font. But the type of font it uses is known as a brush script. Using the same font as they are exclusive for Cadbury will not be advisable. Rather, there are hundreds of good brush script font options available on the internet that you should consider like those listed here.

Is there a free brush script font I can download?

There are plenty free options online and doing a basic search will yield many results. However, be aware that most free fonts do not come with a commercial license. Meaning, you can only use them for personal use and will most likely need to give attribution (credit) to the designer. We strongly recommend using a well-known, reputable design asset provider like Envato Elements. They include everything you need for a small monthly fee.

Final Remarks

The use of brush script fonts has been one of the prominent design trends for the last few years. These fonts are predominantly used for social media content, posters, flyers, and videos. At the same time, they are extensively used for greeting cards, invitations, and wedding designs.

Therefore it is advisable to have a good collection of such fonts. In this blog, we have collated a good variety of script brush-style fonts that you can bookmark or add to your collection.

Happy designing!

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