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Classified ads websites are getting trendier with each passing day, as more people create websites centered around classifieds. Startups and other seasoned developers are using classified advertisements as a way to reach people on a larger scale. As a business owner, you may not want to have a classified ad for your business. But it is normal to have a classified site as your business, so that masses of people come looking for you. It is essential to build a classified site that is visually and aesthetically appealing to the users. If this is done well, you can manage to pull in many visitors to the website.

Now, if the website is built using WordPress, then you can use existing themes to create a nicely designed website that is responsive and looks great. As such, let us look at WordPress classified themes that you can use in to create a classified ads website:

1. Classified Engine:

Classified Engine

This theme comes with a whole set of features that you can use in various ways to build your classified website. Also, the theme includes a setup wizard that lets you build a website in no time. It also includes a compelling control panel and other functionalities and feature sets that are useful for managing a website. With a mobile-friendly design, it has a very fresh looking interface. With Style Customizer, you can customize almost every other thing on the website. You also get a lot of control to manage sidebars, headers, footers, and other things on your website.

The management of the website is also very effortless and seamless when you implement this theme. Moreover, the customized theme dashboard is straightforward to handle. With a straightforward and intuitive user interface, browsing and surfing the advertisements becomes easy for the users. The users who are looking to generate an account on your website can do it through the front end. Sellers can also get their own customized dashboards where they can manage the ads and listings. They can also create profiles that let them customize the ad listings to target a larger community of the audience. You also get a lot of monetization options to acquire various extensions. These extensions help you to extend the functionality and feature set in the website.

2. Listify:


If your website is one of the directory websites, then the Listify theme is the theme that you should take up for your website. This theme is known to handle and manage your advertisement requirements efficiently. It comes with a myriad of features that helps make the listing on a website as easy as possible. Listify has a modern appearance and design, with a lot of features. These features can let you build an automobile, tourism, real estate website, or anything under the sun.

The developers took great care to develop the demo content, and hence you can use that content in your website to get your website running and thriving in no time. Listify also includes style kits for branding purposes. You can conduct branding through the name of your business. It also includes a WordPress editor that lets you customize the website quickly and seamlessly. Listify is made to work with geo-locations and also incorporates SEO in the best way. This enables your website to rank better and increases its visibility. There are easy ways to monetize your site if you start using Listify. The theme allows the users to bid for a listing or put their listing. Also, you can come up with a plan for a monthly subscription to monetize your platform. The theme also supports plugins like FacetWP, Gravity Forms, Contact Form 7, and WooCommerce.

3. Classify:


As Classify theme is specifically developed for classified advertisements website, it is made to be responsive and flexible, which makes it easier to use. The developers of the theme have paid a great attention to typographical issues, and orientation of the interface. This makes the design of the theme more appealing and exciting. Classify comes integrated with Google Maps API, Layer Slider, bbPress plugin, PayPal, and color schemes. This helps you build a website that has unique listings and one that stands out of the crowd.

An essential feature set of the theme includes an advanced search widget along with customized fields, which is really helpful from the user’s point of view. In this theme, as the website owner, you get to decide which user can see what kind of information in which format – it could be a list or grid view. Moreover, the users of your website can also post the advertisements in video formats. As the theme supports the integration with WooCommerce and PayPal, payment modes are secured and simple. The website can be monetized using these payment integrations. It supports all the major browsers, and the package comes with well-defined documentation. You can use this documentation to understand how the theme works and quickly set up your website without investing a lot of time.

4. Classiera:


Classiera is one of the widely used WordPress themes for classified advertisements website. It becomes easy to design and develop an excellent looking and high-performance website with its rich feature set. Moreover, the features are useful to the users as well as the website owners in more than one way. With the user Penal, the theme is based on the Redux framework. This makes the user interface easily accessible to the users and the business owners.

The developers had paid a lot of attention to the user experience when they developed this theme. Classiera comes with six different home page designs, various color options, awesome font icons, along with support for Google fonts. Along with all this, the theme can be easily integrated and installed. This makes sure that your website is up and running in a couple of hours.

The theme lets you post video advertisements and classifieds along with the image ads, which is a norm. As you use this theme, you can access the Layer slider, integration with advanced Google maps, and categories for custom fields. Also, you get a rich admin panel, posting ads on the front end, an advanced search box, and more. With the integration of the theme with PayPal, you get a secured as well as an easy payment mode. This makes the monetization of the website easy, seamless, effortless, and safe.

5. ClassiPress:


Being a widely used WordPress theme for WordPress websites, ClassiPress comes with a lot of features. As it offers strong integration with WordPress, it becomes easy to use with any website built with WordPress. Hence, you can create a classifieds website and get it up and running within minutes. ClassiPress is one of the best solutions for the business because of constant assistance and support. It offers a team that is dedicated to helping its customers.

ClassiPress comes with three different models for pricing structures. These are fixed, percentage or category based. You can use one, two, or mix and match the combinations of three models and come up with your own plan. It is also an option where you can put an extra price for the users to put their ads in the featured ads section. The theme also comes with its own customizable Ad Package so that you can create a customized package according to your needs.

ClassiPress’s simple builder lets you create and build your own custom forms and fields in the website for different types of users of your website. Every category comes with its set of customizable fields. And it is straightforward to set up the settings for each field. Moreover, the theme lets you search for the advertisements based on the location of the user. This way, a user can search for an advertisement according to his location and refine the search results. These kinds of search filters provide the users with more control over what kind of search results they are looking for. In addition to the multiple plans for the payments, you can also define conditional subscription packages.

6. ClassiCraft:


The term craft suggests something that is made with customizations or according to the user’s requirements. ClassiCraft theme also comes with a similar idea. You can create a customized classifieds website according to your business requirements. It also focuses mostly on the monetization of the website, which is also the need of the hour. ClassiCraft has a very simple and clean interface that is not flashy at the same time. It may not appeal to the users as far as the appearance, and visual appeal of the theme are concerned. But, it catches the attention of the users when users find the right kind of classifieds.

The developer has paid great attention to the intuitiveness and user-friendliness of the theme so that the same can be applied to the website as well. This way, the users can use a very simple navigation system on your website where the advertisements of the user’s preferences are found.

ClassiCraft offers you a lot of options to for multiple plans for the pricing structures and models. You can also let certain users post their classifieds for free. The theme provides a lot of widgets through which you can style your sidebar, a CTA button to find and generate more leads, a homepage slider, and more. With cross-browser compatibility, you can use the theme with the websites that can be browsed on various browsers. It also offers responsiveness and easy to use interface, which is an issue with other themes.

7. Knowhere:


If you know what your website should look like, then you should use the Knowhere WordPress theme. You can introduce a lot of custom attributes in the search filter box of the classifieds dashboard. The theme provides a drag and drop facility so that you can build the page of your website so quickly. You can introduce a free and paid advertisement or classified posting on your website.

Knowhere comes with a unique filter for the classifieds so that the users can refine their search results according to their parameters. With the social media plugin, your website can get support for various social media platforms. The theme comes with a dashboard on the front end where you can manage all the advertisements and classifieds. With a drag and drop facility, you can customize all the backend and frontend controls and interfaces. Knowhere lets you integrate the maps with the Google Maps API, which lets the users search the places and locations quickly.

The theme supports a lot of plugins, which can let you extend the functionality of the website. You install the plugins, and the website gets a lot of features just with the installation of one plugin. With a well-optimized code, the theme is built to be light and fast in use, which eventually makes your website light and fast. The theme has a responsive design and adjusts itself perfectly according to the changing devices.


All the WordPress themes here are some of the best themes and can be used for the websites that are built to serve the classified sector. Moreover, with the websites being powered by WordPress with each passing day, these themes are getting more relevant. If WordPress powers your website deals with advertisements and classifieds and your website, then you should definitely give these themes a chance. This blog covers all the widely used themes when it comes to classified websites. Take a look at these themes and see if any one of them fits your requirements.

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