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20 Best ReactJS Admin Themes

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ReactJS is a popular JavaScript library that any developer can use to create outstanding designs. It comes in handy in multiple situations, especially for larger websites.

This article includes a collection of 20 best ReactJS admin themes that you can use right away.  These admin dashboard templates have responsive designs that will automatically fit any screen size, regardless of the device you’re using. Also, they include many other cool features such as widgets, animations, easy customization, great icons, user-friendly designs, neat effects, and more.

Browse through this collection of ReactJS admin themes and choose the one that fits your style.

ReactJS AdminLTE

If you are familiar with the original AdminLTE dashboard, then you’ll surely know something about this. Here is the ReactJS version the original design.

ReactJS AdminLTE

React Blur Admin

This is a neat ReactJs template which includes multiple styles and components: editable fields, buttons, tabs, progress bars, panels, loading spinners, etc.

React Blur Admin

Administration Dashboard Template in React

Here is a great dashboard template that was created with ReactJS, Redux, Babel, etc. This means you’ll have lots of reusable components and an implemented data flow.

Administration Dashboard Template ReactJS admin themes

Campaign Admin

This is a sample website that uses ReactJS, Flux, Bootstrap, and more. Discover its features, see what new thing you can learn and use in your own projects.

Campaign Admin ReactJS


Here you have a complex JavaScript UI framework that is perfect for admin and dashboard apps. These include a ready to use grid and components.

CxJS ReactJS


CoreUI is an amazing Bootstrap admin template which uses ReactJS, Angular 1,2, and more. This admin template will surely come in handy at some point to any developer.

CoreUI ReactJS

React UI-Material Admin Template

This is a wonderful React UI material admin template with a fully responsive layout that will automatically adapt to any screen size. Take a look and use it to create any app.

React UI-Material Admin Template ReactJS admin themes

ReactJS Director Responsive Admin Template

ReactJS is a neat admin template that you can download and use for free. This layout is fully responsive and it will adapt its dimensions to perfectly fit any device.

ReactJS Director Responsive Admin Template

React-Django Admin

This is a neat ReatJS that uses Django’s Rest framework. Discover its features and use it in your current or upcoming projects.

React-Django Admin

React Ant.Design Admin UI

This ReactJS admin UI design includes the following features: Redux, Ant.Design, Babel, mocha, enzyme, and more.

React Ant.Design Admin UI ReactJS admin themes

React Adminlte Dash

This is a React dashboard that includes fully functional components that will ease your work and improve your workflow.

React Adminlte Dash

React Material Admin

This is a neat material design admin that was created using ReactJS. Take a look and discover its full features and see how it can help you in your future projects.

React Material Admin

ReactJS Admin Template

This is an excellent admin template framework for ReactJS. This application includes many neat features that will help you enhance your workflow.

ReactJS Admin Template


This is a neat demo that demonstrates the features and functionalities of this admin on rest library for ReactJS.

Admin-on-rest ReactJS

Antd Admin

This is an excellent admin dashboard application demo that is built upon Ant design and Dva.js. Check out this admin template and see what it has to offer.

Antd Admin ReactJS

SB Admin v2.0

This is an amazing starter theme for React JS dashboard apps. Follow the link and find out more about what it can do for you.

SB Admin v2.0 ReactJS

Rubix – ReactJS Powered Admin Template

Rubix is is a ReactJS powered admin template that includes various mixins. This template has a fully responsive layout which will automatically fit any screen size.

Rubix – ReactJS Powered Admin Template

Webmin – React JS Admin Dashboard Template 

Webmin is an efficient and responsive webapp template for admin backend. It has 20+ templates, 20+ ready to use unique components and unique dashboards.

Maronia – Multi-Purpose Responsive Template

This is an amazing ReactJS admin template that you can use to create your next website. This theme includes the following features: responsive, drop-down menu, beautiful icons, based on Bootstrap 3, easy to customize, user-friendly, and more.

Maronia ReactJS

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