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40 Best .NET Codes and Scripts

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If you’ve been searching for great .net website codes and scripts, you’ve come to the right place! For top-level domain websites, you’ll need extra features, advanced tools, and increased security. In an effort to help you find something that has all of these features and more, we put together the 40 best .net codes and scripts to ensure the best most innovative design for your website.

In this article, you will find tools for creating configurations and building all sorts of great things, like drag-and-drop forms, AJAX contact forms, smart timer newsletters, easy email, auto backup DB for SQL servers, and much more. There are lots of advantages to using these tools when building your web page.

 We hope that you’ll find these goodies useful for your next project! They’re packed with all sorts of great features and tools to help you make the best of your website and improve your business. Enjoy, and let us know what you think in the comment section below!

Smart .NET Ajax Contact Form

Smart Ajax Contact Form

This is a .NET AJAX contact form code that uses 1 file to validate, process and to send the contract to your e-mail address.

Drag N’ Drop Form-builder

net codes Form builder

The Drag and Drop form builder might come in really handy. It can create any for you want through a drag-and-drop functionality.

Advance Point of Sale System (POS)

Advance Point of Sale System

Here’s a point of sale system to manage users, stock items, generate sales reports, profit/loss charts and graph charts, create barcodes and backup all your data. This code is ideal for small to medium businesses and organizations, like super-shops and restaurants. This code is suitable for basically any kind of business and organization.

Yelp Business Analyzer

Yelbusiness Analyzer net codes

Yelp is one of the biggest review sites you’ll find on the Internet. This Yelp code will help you monitor your feedback and competitors.

Smart Timer Newsletter

Smart Timer Newsletter net codes

Schedule your newsletters with 2 steps only. This code is quite useful especially thanks to its ability to detect spams.

SQL Helper

SQL Helper

This SQL Helper proposes another way to share data by running it with a single DLL and Single line of functions.

Aj Facebook Like With Event

 Facebook Like Event

This code can come in really handy especially if you want to know for sure if a visitor is interested in your business and wants to hear more from you.

Any Image To CSS3 Converter

This app will help you convert any image to pure CSS3 code automatically with just one click.

Easy Email For Mandrill

Easy Email Mandrill

This is a simple ASP.NET C# / VB plug-in that allows you to send emails directly from your website.


ImageHandler net codes

ImageHandler is a .NET library which will help you manipulate images in a very short time.

Awesome Family Tree Application – The Genealogy

Ancestry is very important to us and this can be used to keep track of historical and genealogy data.

Simple Stock Manager

Simple Stock Manager net codes

This management software was written in C# and it will help you manage your product list, sale and purchase orders.

Site social for services

Site social for services

This is a really nice web app which was developed in ASP.NET MVC4. It uses MSSQL 2008 R2, jQuery, and Bootstrap.

ASP.NET JQuery Datatables Server Side Integration

 ASP-NET Datatables Server Side Integration

This is an ASP.NET jQuery data tables server-side integration in which you’ll find a full working site. This solution uses data tables with its server-side options.

NetRating Asp.Net Star Rating System

NetRating Star Rating System

Another great script that we’re highlighting is the AJAX content voting script. This is a star rating system based on jQuery, AJAX, and ASP.NET which will definitely come in handy.  It offers easy configuration and requires no programming knowledge. It allows users to vote on anything that’s featured on your website or application. It requires no database, as the content is automatically tracked via an XML file, and it requires .net 4.5Web Pages 2 Framework, and Web API.

Easy Email

Easy Email net codes

This is yet another simple Easy Email code which was developed by Jet Powered Code and allows you to send emails from your website or program.

User Management System Open Source Mvc

This software will help anyone who’s ever had a hard time managing and tracking multiple users. It can be used with any .net application along as it uses the .net framework 4.5.1 or above. It is compatible with Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Opera, and Edge.

Learn How to Develop ERP (Source Code)

Learn Develop ERP net codes

If you’ve been having trouble developing an ERP software for a .NET framework using vb.net then this source code will come in really handy.

Auto Backup DB for SQL Server with Source Code

Auto Backup DB- SQL Server

This is a really helpful Auto Backup DB software which can be used to backup your SQL server database automatically.

Darknet Theme

Darknet Theme net codes

This theme can be used for contact forms. It uses a dark color palette. This example contains a readme file, a demo application, and the code library.

SocialLogin+ for .NET

SocialLogin+ for .NET

With this code, users can log into your website using their social media accounts.

BS Update Wizard

BS Update Wizard net codes

This is a Visual Basic .NET project which can check for any updates needed for your programs and automatically downloads them.

NH•Finder File Manager for Web Apps

NH Finder File Manager Web Apps

This is a file manager for files and web apps. You can also upload multiple files associated with your content at once directly on your web server.

NetForum C#.Net Forum & Blog Application

This is a C#.net application and it is built on MVC framework. You can fulfil the requirements of a  forum as well as blog application using this.


MVC3 net codes GRID

This is an ASP.NET grid developed to be the simplest and most customizable grid possible.

Core.Animation Library for .Net WinForms Controls Core Animation Library for Net WinForms Controls

If you want to overpass the classic and static view of elements in your .NET framework this might be exactly what you have been looking for.

.Net Google Map Dynamic Markers Net Google Map Dynamic Markers

This code offers a solution which will add dynamic categorized markers to Google maps.

zButton for WindowsForms

zButton WindowsForms

This .NET themed button can generate Adobe Photoshop like buttons.

PiXel – Convert image to CSS

PiXel Convert image CSS

PiXel is a simple C# which will help you convert images into CSS code.

ChatMaidan Chat & Discussion & Forum .Net MVC Portal

ChatMaidan is a easy to use chat/discussion/forum application. It is a single page .Net application with MVC Framework.

Ekselen – School Management System – CS Version

Ekselen net codes

This is a desktop school management system that offers a nice set of features for educational institutions.

InstaLead – Instagram Email Scraper

You can use this code to get scrape emails from instagram. It comes in handy doing the very tedious task of picking email from users profile bio.


HardwareLib net codes

This is a .NET library which will help you get information about your hardware.

Simple social chat

Simple social chat

This is a web platform that allows each user to create their own chat room.

Simple PayPal Checkout Library

Simple PayPal Checkout Library

This is a library for non-technical users that allows them to create custom checkouts.

Accounts Man- Accounts Management System

Accounts Management System

This example offers standard time and billings and it will help you operate your practice easily.

zLabel for WindowsForms

zLabel net codes

This example has features such as Alpha transparency, gradient backgrounds, rounded corners and much more.

Simple Student Record Management System

“Simple Student Record Management System” is an easy to use tool for managing students data. This software will keep everything organized.

Image Processing Tool

This one will help you edit and manipulate photos and you can easily integrate it in other projects or you can use it for personal use.

OctopusCodes – Inventory Management

Use the OctopusCodes to manage and maintain inventory of your company.

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