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Today we have another exciting giveaway for our loyal WebDesignDev readers. Our giveaway comes from BaseKit.

***THIS GIVEAWAY HAS ENDED***. Thank you all who commented.

To enter: post a comment about why you need to build a website followed by why you want to use BaseKit. The first 10 to leave their comments will win.

A few words about our sponsors:

(by the way, you can see another Basekit review from Website-Builder)

It seems that every few weeks another web application comes along promising to revolutionize the entire world. Occasionally they do, but most don’t quite have the impact they promise and some just fizzle out.


BaseKit don’t want to revolutionize the entire world. What they want to do is make life easier for those who are unable to code or don’t want to. Unlike before, they can build a website with maximum design in minimum time.

BaseKit allows you to create a website in Photoshop, so that designers can illustrate their creative flair to its full potential without being restricted by the boundaries of coding. They’ve found that creating a great looking Photoshop design is the fun part of building a site. Slicing, turning it into code, adding functionality, uploading to a server and actually getting it online isn’t so great.

BaseKit takes that process and makes it as simple as possible. It’s as straightforward as flattening your PSD, splitting it into named layers and uploading it to BaseKit.

You can also drag fully functional widgets such as galleries, forms, Twitter feed, videos etc into the site, edit the design on the fly and publish to the web with two clicks. Your site is now online and the code is W3C web compliant.

Recently they launched their Plastic release with great functionality improvements, such as new Embed Widget, which allows you to embed your own Javascript code (or other HTML) directly onto your BaseKit page. In addition, you can easily embed 3rd party widget (from providers like Google or Widgetbox), or craft your own widgets directly in BaseKit. Furthermore, you can also add scripts to the header or body of your site by visiting the Page Options lightbox. The Embed widget opens up BaseKit to a full range of services like E-commerce, AdSense, music players and more.

They are offering a set of 10 vouchers of Plus account for £1 month over 3
months worth £30. A plus account enables you to build 3 websites with
unlimited pages, 1GB storage and your own domain. To enter post a
comment about why you need to build a website followed by why you
want to use BaseKit
. The first 10 to leave their comments will win.

10 thoughts on “BaseKit Review And GIVEAWAY”

  1. I’m a design student and I’m still learning about converting PS to code. I know how to use Dreamweaver and code using that, but it would be really amazing to speed up the learning curve.

  2. I have developed and managed websites for more than 10 years. When I started as a managing editor at the LA Daily News, we hand coded the newspaper website every day (we made our own templates, of course). Since then, I have used a variety of content management programs, sticking in HTML when the cms didn’t do what I wanted. Several years ago, I did learn css and built one website with it (it’s no longer online) and experimented on my own. I’ve been unemployed for almost two years now, freelance editing, web developing (Joomla) and other odd jobs too keep going. I mostly use Dreamweaver CS4, but rely on my own coding knowledge to keep track of things. Well now there is html5, CSS3 and I learned javascript to be able to tweak existing code.

    A program like BaseKit would be an enormous help to me, especially if I have to keep freelancing. Thank you for sponsoring this offer.

    Lori Stassi

    PS: Know anyone in LA who needs a content specialist or editor with Web skills?

  3. i would like to develop a tips and tricks website which will peoples life simpler. I definitely believe that basekit will help me achieve what i need as it looks user friendly

  4. hii all!

    Well I need to build a website, because I need to teach to my followers how to work with photoshop and teach them how to make interfaces or Logos and another stuffs. I want to use BaseKit because I don’t know code… so I cant make a cake with the eggs soo I can’t make the website for my followers without the BaseKit.


    P.S: sorry I’m english, I’m a portuguese guy

  5. Why? I need to revamp my existing site, and as a mom with 2 kids I don’t have the time in the day to design /and/ code! I’d like to test it out to see how well this works, because if it does I may use it to help fellow artist moms like myself develop their own websites.


  6. hi..i am very much interested in building site for featuring a vast collection of tips and tricks to make life simpler..base kit looks awesome and so user friendly.i think they will definitely help me
    achieving what i aim for ..

  7. I have to make a website to earn money with and I will use basekit because my coding isn’t that good anymore.

    Have a nice day everybody!


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