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Nature serves as the biggest inspiration for all creative people. Whenever we look around, we are always left impressed by the amount of creativity that nature exhibits. Be it the patterns of the clouds or the beautiful flowers; there is always something to learn from nature. As a designer, you can take a lot of inspiration from nature’s creativity and design impressive creations.

One of the applications of nature’s inspiration can be stylized fonts. The importance of fonts has always been there in graphic designing and is not increasing with the advent of digital media. Clients want designers to use distinct and exclusive fonts which give their design an impressive character. For designers, creative fonts can be a very good way of making the design visually appealing. However, choosing the right fonts is an art, and you can get good at it with experience.

Fonts inspired by nature can be used in multiple applications like organic products branding, wedding or event invitations, or even social media posts focusing on the text. We have compiled a good list of fonts inspired by nature that can help you in this purpose.

1. Peomy Brush Font

Peomy Brush Font

Peomy fonts are beautifully inspired by forests, leaves, and flowers. All the characters are handmade using a brush with thick black ink. This is evident from the finishing of the fonts. The good part about the fonts is that it features both uppercase and lowercase letters and therefore you will have a variety of creative options for your designs. The font also comes along with a large collection of nature-inspired illustrations, doodles, and other vectors. These, too, are handmade and would give an exclusive feel to your design. These can be very helpful when you are making a nature-based logo.  

2. The Golden Leaves

Golden Leaves

The golden leaves font is a beautiful font based on the concept of superimposing leaves on the fonts. Small leaves are popping out from different characters. The designer has taken special care so as to ensure that the leaves do not interfere with the readability of the characters but rather add aesthetic value to the font. It can be very well used for wedding invitations, postcards, or other seasonal greeting elements, especially where you want to give special emphasis to certain characters. Though the font title is golden leaves, you can use this font in any color of choice that goes well with your design.  

3. Earth Elements Typeface

Earth Elements Typeface

If you are looking for an Earthy font family that can work well for headers and paragraph texts, this font can be very useful. It does not have the characteristic nature elements, and that makes the font versatile as you can even use it for other genres. The font, when downloaded, comes in two variations. The first one is rough and has a stroke effect, while the other one is more cursive and soft. You also get a series of hand-painted backgrounds, swirls, textures, and grunge backgrounds. In addition, the font provides characters for uppercase, lowercase, special characters, and punctuation marks, making the font a good asset in your collection.  

4. Curly Fleur Caps

Curly Fleur Caps

Curly Fleur Caps typeface is a good combination of cursive fonts with floral elements. The designer has taken a lot of care to create highly detailed nature patterns for each of the characters. These designs are big enough to be easily visible but at the same time not that big that they hamper the visibility of the characters. The entire font comes only in uppercase, but these fonts are best suited for titles and headers in design. You can download it for free and save it for designs like invitations or wedding-related designs.  

5. One Two Trees

One Two Trees

A font designed to represent the neural network, One Two Trees is a cool font to have if you are working on making designs related to nature. The finishing and the edges of the font are such that they are naturally distributed twigs and branches. The fonts are free to use for personal designs. They can be nicely used for creating headers that stand out easily. You can also use these fonts for website hero images or even social media posts. 

6. VTKS Flowers in Our Soul

VTKS Flowers in Our Soul

Another free font that is a god to have in your collection, VTKS Flowers in Our Soul Typeface, is a result of a designer’s hard work. You will realize this when you look at the intricate detailing of floral patterns in each of the characters. No two characters look the same. For visibility purposes, this font is available in uppercase only. The floral pattern makes the fonts slightly broken and gives it a vintage or grunge effect. You should use it wisely on contrast backgrounds to ensure its legibility. 

7. Birch Is Right Here Outline

Birch Wood Is Right Here Outline

The font Birch is Right Here Outline is as quirky as its name. The entire font is made through small but highly detailed natural elements. This includes branches, twigs, and leaves. The fonts are a nice representation of structures made using natural objects. Things that we would come across in some native villages or in camps. Despite going into a lot of details, the font comes out as easily readable. As they are outline fonts, they do not look too bulky even when used in a bigger size for design applications. 

8. Amelie Floral Display Font

Amelie Floral Display Font

All the designers who predominantly work for event design would love this Amelie Floral Display Font. The floral designs on each and every character are well detailed. The good part is that the font offers the characters in both uppercase and lowercase, including special characters, punctuations, and numbers. When you download these fonts, you also get amazing packs of vectors, banners, patterns, and backgrounds that can be used along with this font. In addition, this font offers language support for over 20 languages making it a must-have font for your collection as it can be very well used for making invitations, wedding designs, or even other designs that will need a floral look.

9. Camp Fire

Camp Fire

A simple and free font, Camp Fire is a good addition to your design assets as it allows you to create nature-related designs easily. All the characters are designed in such a way that they look as if they have been handmade by pinning wood sheets together. This gives the perfect camping feel to the design. The fonts are available in uppercase and lowercase and also for special characters and designs. If you are working on a nature-related or travel-centric design project, then these can very well be used for headers given their nature-related design, strong shadows, and neat look. 

10. Autumn Leaves

Autumn Leaves

The Autumn Leaves font is a fine blend of nature and a vintage classic look. The characters have been given a thick stroke, and inside them, intricate floral designs are created. This pattern changes with each character and therefore makes the fonts more creative. Some of the characters are provided a slight tilt and extension-making them look like Serif fonts, while some are giving really good curves, making them look like a cursive or calligraphy font style. The font is available for all characters in both cases and even special characters and numbers. This font is ideal to use in designs where you want to give a vintage classic look, be it package designing, posters, or even printed invitations. 

11. Way Gardens Font

Way Gardens Font

Way Gardens Font is, as the name suggests, a font style truly inspired by home gardens. This creative font style is free to download and use. The creator has taken a lot of care in ensuring that each character is loaded with a small flower. The font’s innocence and simplicity make it ideal to use for designs related to weddings, happy events, or even children. Although because of the flowers, this font style is suitable only for headers and large size texts. The font does not provide all special characters and has numbers in a simple font style. 

12. Autumn Embrace Floral Font

Autumn Embrace Floral Font

Taking one step ahead of the above shown Autumn Leaves font, this font – Autumn Embrace Floral Font – uses almost all floral elements within its typeface. It has leaves, small twigs, flowers, and buds spread across the characters. The font style comes in three variations, with one having extensive use of the floral elements and the other being a simple one. This is a good combination as the first can be used for headers while the other can be used for paragraph texts. It also provides a lot of extrafloral vectors, which you can use as per your convenience in the design. 

13. Palm Springs

Palm Springs

Palm trees have the ability to induce freshness whenever used in any design, given their relationship with the beach and happy times. This concept has been translated into a very creative font – Palm Springs. The font works in two layers. The base layer is formed through a thick and strong font style. Upon that layer, palm trees and leaves are set to provide the typeface its distinct quality. The good part is that despite the generous use of palm tree elements, the font stands out bold and clear. The font is good only for headers or titles. But it can be widely used from posters, banners to even digital designs.   

14. Wild Wood Font

Wild Wood Font

Very rarely do we come across font styles that are as enticing as this Wild Wood Font. This typeface does a brilliant job of representing all the mystic and enigmatic elements of mother nature. Each of the characters is well designed and has an iconic feel to it. Yet when used together, the fonts are easily readable and leave a strong mark on the user. Because the fonts are for headlines, they are only available in uppercase. But it does have numbers and punctuations. In addition, the fonts are visually so strong that they can be used standalone on an image without any other design elements.   

15. Pine Forest

Pine Forest

While the above font was highly creative, this Pine Forest font is highly versatile. Pine forests are synonymous with nature and its uncapped beauty. That inspires this font style, and presents are good font options for outdoor activities. Despite being strong and bold, they have a good hand-drawn playful feel, making them visually appealing. The font comes in two styles – rough and press. Both of them are good to be used when designing banners, social media posts, posters, packaging, or even logos.   

16. Juniper Font

Juniper Font

If you are looking for a highly creative font for your design that is based on nature, then Juniper font is a very good option. This hand-drawn font is a reflection of various natural elements like the leaves and branches. It is available only in uppercase, given its abstract design. You also get a set of hand-drawn illustrations of flowers, leaves, branches, and other natural elements with the fonts. You can use this for label design, invitations, and other digital media designs. 

17. Valley Mist

Valley Mist

Valley Mist is an extremely creative and beautiful font. Even with its limited applications, this font is a must-have for all designers. This modern font makes use of negative space, creating a unique double exposure effect. This font works best when you use it with high-resolution photos of nature or travel. Though they are not easily readable, you can use them for main headers or use single characters to create amazing social media posts.  

18. Petal Glyph Font

Petal Glyph Font

While highly creative nature fonts are good to have, most of the time, designers feel the dearth of simple fonts to use for their larger text portions. This is where the Petal Glyph Font comes to help. The Petal Glyph font is made out of abstract petal shapes, a simple font that is free to download. Each character is well designed, which ensures its readability. You can use this font for headers or even sub-headers in your nature-related designs. 

Choosing the right font style can make or kill your design, and hence it is imperative that you expand the creative bandwidth when it comes to font collection. Select the font style that adds value to your design. The above collection of nature fonts can be very useful for all your nature-related design assignments. However, choose and use the fonts wisely. Opt for the highly creative ones only when you are in a position to use them in a larger size. If used in small-scale applications, they will lose their charm and also render the text illegible. 

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