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Attention all WebDesignDev readers. We are holding yet another free giveaway. This time we are giving out 1000 free business cards on behalf of NextDayFlyers.com. Entering the contest is very simple. Just leave a comment to this post, saying what you will use the business card’s for.

Post Image credit to Chris Fisher. A very creative Business Card!

Who are NextDayFlyers?


NextDayFlyers are an online printing company that specialize in business cards, postcards, menu’s, tickets and even more items such as posters and greeting cards.

You can check out their website at the following address: nextdayflyers.com

The Lucky Winner…

The lucky winner will receive 1000 Full Color U/V Coated Standard Business Cards. Also included is free ground shipping to the Continental U.S.

To enter the free giveaway you must be 18 years or older.

How To Enter?

To enter the competition, simply leave a comment to this post saying what you would do with the 1000 business cards if you won. Remember to only comment once. Multiple comments will not be counted as extra entries to the contest.

The contest will end on Wednesday 3rd of March. A lucky winner will be picked and contacted via email.

Congratulations to trygveo for winning this contest! As to everyone else – we are sorry it wasn’t you this time, but check again often for other exciting giveaways! Follow us on Twitter!

105 thoughts on “1000 Business Cards to Giveaway!”

  1. I would use the business cards to get my freelancing going and to give to the aliens if they ever decide to invade our planet so I can be the first person form planet earth to have a multi-planet web design business and to design the first legitimate alien website!

  2. I would use them to promote my new graphics business. I’m a 20 year old with a ton of ambition and many goals to accomplish! 1000 business cards would be an excellent start!

  3. I will use the business cards to spread the word about oddFrogg T-Shirts, Apparel and Gifts. In this tough economy, shoppers need creative little places online to find fun, unique, exclusive gifts you can’t find at the mall, which top out at well under $100. oddFrogg’s budget-friendly products fill that void!

  4. I’d have a nice professionally printed business card I designed fro my portfolio, and use the others for networking.

  5. I will use the business cards to promote me as a freelance graphic designer and the music label I’m on.

  6. I’d use them for self-promotion for my web development/graphic design business..and I just ran out, so this would be perfect timing!

  7. I would change the world, combat poverty, feed the hungry, lower teen pregnancy rates, abolish nuclear proliferation, save darfur, and reverse global warming.

  8. What i will use them for..hmm… the traditional use will surely help. Although i might come up with some unconventional uses for it. I once heard of a used car sales man who made an average of 20 sales a day from passing business cards alone. He threw them as graffiti at ball games, dropped them at each grocery or cafe he entered. Gave his card to every person he conversed with throughout the day. I believe thats going overboard but as the unconventional as uses of what to do with business cards this hits it i think. If i dont win the cards here, im sure to make them in a few days.

  9. i would use for promoting my business or my blog… all the content must be shared with everyone not just learning must share with everyone.

  10. Would use them for my start-up graphic design studio, referencing and picking up on the trends and techniques one can do use to extend creativity

  11. I just started my new business. I promote dancers and singers on youtube. I would use my business cards to form networks so that when I graduate I can start helping my dancers and singers get noticed and receive jobs.There are so many talented kids in this world I just want to help as many as I can reach their dreams.

  12. I will use my awesome new cards for networking and promoting my music production company. NextDayFlyers.com is cutting edge and at the top of their game. Quality doesn’t get any better than this!!

  13. I’m starting up a freelance home based WebDev business and it would be a very helpful tool to not only reach potential clients, but to also scratch yet another vital piece off of the already extensive ‘To Do’ list.
    Thanks to both, NextDayFlyers.com and you (WebDesignDev.com) for yet another ingenious way to help out the WebDev community. 😉 We All greatly appreciate it…

  14. It would be my first one… and I would pass it around to everyone I know and don’t know, and I would even go on interviews, just to leave it behind. I never had one; this would be my first. Thank You

  15. SInce I am a starting Freelancer, I would gladly use these to spread my services 🙂 Thanks for the opportunity.

  16. I will use cards to help network and promote my upcoming book series on Inspiring Women, its blog and website (coming very soon) – the series is a collection of Women Who Are Inspiring in all different industries with a different book for each category (business, design, internet, etc). I can also use business cards to build credibility and promote the series to potential contributors to interview.

  17. A professional business card is your first, if not only, impression you make to cold clients you meet on the street. Making a statement about your business and the products/services you offer via your business card is one of the most important moves you can make. It’s the ultimate first impression when you find a new potential client.

  18. Going about a “re-branding” (if that is a term) of myself as a freelancer. These cards would be really helpful!!!! Thanks webdesigndev.com for holding this free giveaway!

  19. I would use the cards to promote myself as a Graphic Designer. Thank you for the opportunity. By the way, keep up the awesome tweets!

    God Bless,


  20. 1000 .. are sufficient to create a good stock of self-promotion .. leave a message .. build castles of cards (?) .. create bookmarks for my clients ..!.. 1000 cards are 1000 applications, thanks!

  21. Launching a brand new web design & development company with a focus on high design on Rails frameworks. Actually looking into ordering business cards in the next 2 weeks, and have worked previously to develop b-cards for clients… as with any start-up, would love to save money wherever we can, check out the NextDayFlyers product, and potentially use them as a partner for the printing of cards for our client base. Thanks for the consideration.

  22. I would give the cards to my customers, to networking event participants, and just about everybody so I can get my business off the ground and making me the money I deserve!

  23. I haven’t been able to afford printing costs since rebranding my website last year. I am without business cards at the moment….

  24. I’d definitely use the cards when networking… considering my immense shyness, handing the card over to someone would be a great story to tell and definitely become a nerve-calmer!

    ::crossing my fingers::

  25. My brother just recently passed the bar and got a job at the states attourney’s office and desperately wants Patrick Bateman-esque business cards that I told him I’d design for him, but doesn’t have the extra money for something like business cards. It’d be a huge help.

  26. To be used for:
    – dropping in “free lunch” fishbowls
    – scribbling notes on backsides
    – emergency bookmarks
    And of course, give to hundreds upon hundreds of new potential clients!

  27. I’ll make a giant card castle !!!
    No, start my freelancing… as everyone else I guess.
    I’m a freelancer for 1 year now, and my mon still don’t want to buy me business cards. Please help me, and talk to her.

  28. I can use the free printing to convince my clients that online printing and digital printing offer great quality and cheaper rates that traditional off-set printing. I have a client in mind that would love a pleasant surprise of free business cards! They are a startup and have a very low budget! Best of luck to all entries!

  29. I would build the most amazing house of cards you’ve ever seen. Then I would take a photo of it, submit it to Digg, and watch the traffic roll in.

    That, or use it for our upcoming online musician’s magazine.

  30. i need so much this cards, i´m starting a new project and i´ll need some great fresh new cards.

  31. I will use it for my new life, to start my junior designer career 😀 actually i still have no any *my own* card……

    Anyway, i only know that beautiful, nice design card is important and will be useful for my career =)

  32. I would use the business cards to start networking. I have a fear of going up to people I don’t know but I would take this as a sign that –this (networking) is exactly what I would need to do to take my career to the next level. Thanks for the consideration.

  33. As we are a people from from hardworking startup , who are working to expand the service to needy. this will help to spread the service of our startup in a creative sense..

  34. I’m just moving my freelancing from ‘helping out friends and relatives’ to a real business so 1000 cards would really be a great kick start to the future.

  35. I’ll use a few of those cards for my Marketing Class presentation in College and the rest of them to market my graphic design business in my local city.

  36. Would you ship to Europe as well? We will use the business cards to promote our new project in collaboration with a wedding photographer

  37. I will use it for my freelance activity. My current business cards are reaaly a crap, time to reinvent them…

  38. I would use the business cards to help establish myself as a freelance web designer and graphic designer. I’d also use them to promote my new website that should be up and running by the end of 2010. They would help me with networking and increasing my potential clients.

  39. i’ll use the cards to get the word out about my web design business. i’m currently a student and have created a few websites for friends and family but i would love to expand and reach new customers

  40. I would use these cards to spark business for my media group (UNFORESEEN MEDIA) we are based out of the Canton area and provide services for bands and companies from coast to coast. Currently we are jump starting our portfolio and piecing together our website.

  41. I’d use the business cards to help further our business. We’re using social media to help track and prevent gang violence in Harlem and urban inner cities. As you can imagine it’s not exactly a money maker so having 1000 free business cards would help grow our retail business and free us up to continue to do what we’ve been doing.

  42. I recently graduated from graduate school and I am pursuing a career in motion graphics and would love to have some new business cards for my new prospects.

  43. I would add an awareness message to them ~ and maybe turn them into bookmarkers ~ then give a bunch to friends so we could take even more action during March, Multiple Sclerosis Education & Awareness Month.

  44. I would use these for a school project in which i have to create my own business as well as use them to promote my nomprofit organizatiom which aims to help those who wabt to become freelancers.

  45. I’ll finally print my own business cards, after years of ordering cards for clients 🙂
    and U/V is hot! Thanks to nextdayflyers.com

  46. I would love a set of new business cards to help with my freelance business that I am just now starting. This would really help get things going with clients. I will make sure to retweet this out.

  47. I have just this second handed in my notice and will be going it alone with my own web design agency!

    I need this business cards NOOOOOOOW!

  48. I would use these to promote my freelance photography site…and if there are extras, I would built a coffee table out of them.

  49. I would use 500 of the business cards to push my brand out to other relevant businesses locally, probably with associated leaflets on my our services.

    The other 500 i would use to try and build the biggest most amazing business card tower, like you can do with playing cards..

    ^ a little bit of pixel art to demonstrate 🙂

  50. I’ll finally end the embarrassing “I don’t have a card on me right now” sentence when meeting people and promote my freelance business

  51. Winning this would be perfect timing! Recently started up a home- and web-based cloth diapering / baby needs business and we’re just in the beginning phases of firing everything up (haven’t ordered business cards yet, though!)

  52. I’ll use the cards as part of my freelance business brand, professional networking and as a way of remaining in the prospective clients mind

  53. I have recently been notified that I will lose my IT position beginning in March. As a result, I am engaged in a personal branding effort that will hopefully land me a role with a new organization.

    If I win the business cards they will be used to end.

    Big money, no wammies!!!

  54. I would use these business card to help launch my upcoming website. I’m still going to school and this would be really helpful in getting things off the ground.

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