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Nowadays, designers continue to expand web design trends, which are more competitive than ever. Every ambitious business owner strives to provide extraordinary service using an attractive and modern website. As a result, we need to look into the future and know the latest web design trends allowing us to be one step ahead of the competition.

The fullscreen website design trend is here to stay and WordPress theme designers have taken full advantage of this, knowing that a fullscreen WordPress theme is a great way to catch the attention of your readers!

The use of the whole screen draws all the attention on showcasing your images or videos in an intense manner. This fullscreen trend also led to the change of traditional popups which are becoming a thing of the past. The full-screen forms and sign-ups are taking the leading place as of today. The best thing about them is that they do not interrupt you from the web page. No worthless clicks, no manual close, just scroll it down smoothly and move on. Create a website which performs in a more interesting way and one that is less annoying.

To make things easier for you, we selected 10 modern fullscreen WordPress themes to inspire you and stay on top of the latest web design trends. Like other WordPress themes for portfolio websites, these are great for showcasing your work as a creative artist. Check out our list of 10 hand-picked fullscreen WordPress themes we’re sure you’ll like.


Agera Responsive Fullscreen Portfolio WP Theme

Agera is a beautiful portfolio theme, which is easy to setup, enhanced with a Massive Panel and a custom shortcode wizard. Agera lets photographers and designers showcase their work easily and in a beautiful and simple way. It uses a grid gallery that covers the entire screen with large thumbnail photos. This full-screen template will definitely draw the attention on your showcase of photographies and videos.


360 – Panoramic WordPress Theme

360° is a great theme that integrates a panoramic layout full of options and features. The goal for 360° was to offer big, bold imagery, but also preserve traditional blogging layouts, portfolios, and page templates. It is fully responsive and has endless options for customization. Check out this amazing template, download it if you like and save yourself a great deal of time using it! This is definitely a WordPress template that will draw all the attention to your showcase your images or videos.

Kose – Fullscreen Portfolio WordPress Theme

Kose Fullscreen WordPress Theme

Kose fullscreen portfolio WordPress theme is perfect for showcasing photographies. This template comes with many features such as a powerful page builder powered by Visual Composer plugin. How cool is that? Besides, it supports WPML plugin which can come in really handy you are trying to build a multilingual site. Take a closer look at this example and see if this is the template you have been looking for all along!


Photolux – Photography Portfolio WordPress Theme

Photolux is a powerful and elegant portfolio and photography WordPress theme, best suited for photographers and creatives to showcase their work in a cool and effective way. The theme comes with three base skin options: Dark, Light and Transparent, as well as numerous of back-end options for easy customization. Check out this template which can save you a great deal of time when designing a portfolio website.

Digon Responsive

Digon Responsive Fullscreen WordPress Them

If you liked the previous example, then you will definitely like this one as well as the ones yet to come. Digon is a highly customizable responsive fullscreen studio theme, which features full-width and 2 column post format posts. Fullscreen, portfolio and pages can be password protected.

There’s no news that the use of mobile platforms and handheld devices continues to grow. Additionally, Google favors mobile-friendly websites and ranks them much higher in the search results – especially mobile ones. One of the most important tasks as of today lies in providing a better user experience and avoiding losing potential customers. As a result, mobile-friendly websites would be rewarded with better rankings. In addition, be ready to follow age-responsive design, which allows adapting to a specific age competency of the user.

Check out all the features this template has to offer and find out whether this is the template you needed for your project.

Photo Nexus

Photo Nexus WordPress Gallery 2 in 1

The next example, Photo Nexus, will save you a great deal of time.This theme is great for those who need a convenient way to publish and showcase a gallery of photos, artworks or designs. It features a modern yet minimalistic style and has 2 colour variations, bright and dark, which can come in really handy and present your artwork gallery in an elegant way. Take a closer look at this template, find out all the cool features it comes with and see if this is what you have been looking for.


Photolio – Photography / Portfolio WordPress Theme

PHOTOlio is a powerful and modern portfolio and photography WordPress theme, best suited for photographers and creatives. This theme is powered by ‘Clever Code’. The ‘Clever Code’ knows which jquery scripts should be used for each page, so loading times are faster. This template will give your website an elegant touch and will present your artwork in a neat and professional way.

You don’t want to have the same imagery as your competitors. With this in mind, custom imagery and illustrations can provide your website with something extraordinary and unique. This is another great way to apply a variety of possibilities in order to represent your personality and capture the attention of your visitors. In fact, you have a matter of seconds to impress and interact with them in the most appealing way. As a result, you provide a trustworthy and unique concept of your brand and appropriate business tone.

Do not miss the chance to use this template in your project and save yourself a great deal of time.


Responsive WordPress theme

SuperSlide features a full-screen homepage slideshow with a responsive design which is perfect for showcasing your artwork. SuperSlide also includes 2 background colour variants, 5 Fonts choices, 6 link colour options, 15 slideshow overlay options and more.

Photography Fullscreen WordPress Theme – JohnBlack Photography

Photography Fullscreen

If you are looking fora ready-made design which will make your photography works look impressive and exceptionally attractive for your visitors then this is definitely the template you have been looking for all this time. JohnBlack Photography template is a responsive full-screen WordPress theme that comes with a lot of features and can be customised to best fit your interests. This template was built with love and it comes with lots of pre-built layouts for you to choose from. You must definitely take a closer look at this example and find out whether this is the template you needed for your project.

Ideas – Fullscreen Responsive WordPress Theme

Ideas Fullscreen WordPress Theme

Ideas is a 100% responsive template which will look great on any device.  It also comes with touch swipe slideshows which can be really useful in responsive designs. The theme supports the WPML plugin and includes .po .mo language files. The social header area is specially designed for WPML widget & Social link widgets.

Being a smart business owner means that you need to keep up with all the latest web design trends in order to succeed in this virtual market. Think carefully before using a trendy element for your web page. Think first, put yourself into your targeting audience’s shoes and only then start working with trends. Keep in mind that design is an ever-changing field full of innovations, but we think the fullscreen web design trend is here to stay, so these fullscreen WordPress themes are a very good investment.

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