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It seems Google is realizing that design and user interaction really are just as crucial as what the item does, in order to make it pleasing to use and make you want to show it off to friends & family.  The interface for the new version of Android certainly looks slick & futuristic, with its clean design and innovative interaction, many everyday tasks seem responsive, dynamic and fun. The new design overall makes you sit up and take notice, not only because it’s something that looks quite different to many devices out there right now, but because Google produced it.

To be fair, the user interface and interaction of Android has continued to improve over the years, something it should be encouraged for, but the design and consistency of style throughout has stayed muddled and tacky looking. They’ve obviously woken from their design slumber recently, realized this fact and put much more focus into the design of products now, with Chrome looking simple but smart, it was a step in the right direction.

So, with the increased use of smartphones, many web developers have become interested in the app developing niche. Also, designers are starting to realize what a major trend this is and they also started designing cool app templates. If you’re looking for an app for you, for a client or you just have an idea and don’t want to start from scratch, then these awesome Android app templates will surely help you a lot.

With technology impressing us ever more and slick interaction being covered as standard, the focus shifts to design now more than ever and with a iOS vs. Android war hotting up for this year, design & UI may be the deciding factor.

If you’re an Android app developer or just want a great app for your business, then you should definitely check out this list of 20 premium Android app templates! These are some of the best Android app templates on the web.

These great Android app templates will help you create your app faster, as you will already work on a premium template.

To help you out, all of these Android app templates have premium designs and they can be customized to fit your brand. Here they are!

P.S. Check out these free app templates in PSD format! You’ll find them useful!

Impossiball – Android Game – Emoticon Game ! + Eclipse Project(with Admob&Heyzap)

Impossiball is a very popular arcade game nowadays and with this template, you can create an awesome game similar to this one. You have to tap to jump and hold to fly above obstacles.
Impossiball - Android Game - Buildbox Template

FlappyBot – An Obstacle Avoidance Game

FlappyBot is a native Android Arcade game in which you have to avoid obstacles to get to the next level. It was written in Java with Eclipse and it can be edited to your liking.

FlappyBot - An Obstacle Avoidance Game Android App Templates

Kids Memory Game with AdMob

Kids Memory Game is yet another nice Android game application that lets you create different memory matches and contains an unlimited number of game modes. Check it out and create an awesome memory game.

Recipes Android App Templates

Hide Photo and Video Vault With Fingerprint

Keep your best memories in a vault and never lose them. The Hide Photo and Video Vault With Fingerprint is a native Android app template that comes with Admob, Google Analytics & Firebase Integrations.

Jumper – An Arcade Bouncing Game

If you’re up for some more native Android Arcade Games then you might want to check out Jumper! It was written in Java with Eclipse and it can easily be customised to fit your interests. You can add more bars and special items and even give it a reskin.

Jumper - An Arcade Bouncing Game Android App Templates


This is a really nice Colorbook app that comes with many great features. It is easy to be used by kids and lets them create colorful images by simply filling surfaces with the color bucket. Advanced-Colorbook provides you as many color categories and color reset options as you wish. You can easily reskin and customise this template.

 Advanced Colorbook Android App Templates

Classic Highway Car Avoidance Game

This is a classic car avoidance game and a native Android game to which you can add different types of vehicles, trees, stones, and logos. It comes ready with AdMob!

Classic Highway Car Avoidance Game Android App Template

Webview with Splash Screen and Scrollable Tabs

With Webview, you can turn your website into a cool Android application within minutes. By using the Webview with Splash Screens and Scrollable Tabs you can customise your app in basically no-time!

Webview with Splash Screen and Scrollable Tabs Android App Template

Kids Jigsaw Puzzle Game with AdMob

If you’re looking for more games check out the Kids Jigsaw Puzzle Android game application. Create different puzzle games with any number of slides with this app’s code

Kids Jigsaw Puzzle Game with AdMob Android App Template

Abc Call Recorder – Beautiful UI, Admob, Firebase Push Notification, Admin Panel

You never know when you’ll need a similar app. The Abc Call Recorder is an android app that can record incomming calls and lets you replay them.

EasyView – Android WebView App

If you liked the Webview app then you might also want to have a closer look at EasyView. This is an Android application that helps you easily create a personal app based on mobile websites.

EasyView - Android WebView App template

Flying Panda: Game For Android With AdMob

The Flying Panda is a really nice game and it comes packed with AdMob template.

Flying Panda Game For Android With AdMob Android App Template

Android Live TV

How about making an app that lets users watch live tv on their Android devices with Android Live Tv app.

Android Live TV Android App Template

Universal – Full Multi-Purpose Android App

If you were looking for a really nice multi-purpose Android app then you have come to the right place. Check out Universal, an app template with which you can use as many Twitter timelines, YouTube channels, RSS feeds, websites and radio stations as you want.

Universal - Full Multi-Purpose Android App

2048 Puzzle – A Classic Android Game

Who doesn’t like the 2048 puzzle game? Well, now you can create your own custom number puzzle game with this template. This template was specially designed to be edited using Eclipse so make sure you have the Android SDK installed.

2048 Puzzle - A Classic Android Game Android App Template


One page website template that has motion effects to create an android mobile application. The template is fully customizable.

Chameleon- A great android app landing page theme

HD Wallpaper

You should also have a look at the HD Wallpaper app template that brings all the best HD wallpapers and backgrounds to your Android device.

HD Wallpaper Android App Template

Success Quotes – Android Template

Do you want to work hard to achieve your goals? Then how about using or creating an awesome application that could make your dreams come true. The Succes Quotes template can be used to create a really nice app that could motivate you through unique quotes.

Success Quotes - Android Template

Matches Puzzle – Android Game

This is one of the best casual games in which you move 1 or 2 matches to fix the equation.

Ringtones App Template with AdMob

You can now create the ringtone of your dreams. This template lets create different ringtone apps.

Ringtones App Template with AdMob

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